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History of the Palace

History of the Palace

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It is believed that the first settlement existed in this area starting from the eleventh century, it belonged to Szamotulski aristocratic family. First settlement was beautifully situated among the meadows and developed into early medieval fortress. The nowadays village was first mentioned in 1421 as Baworowo Minor belonged to the family Baworowski. After the fragmentation of the district at the end of the fourteenth century it was later successfully integrated into the boundaries of Corona Regni Poloniae. Exceptionally meritorious for the development of the region was possible Kąsiorowskich family.

In the late nineteenth century, the village was in the hands of a German family von Hantelman who rapidly developed Baworowski property. It is for them around 1895, was built eclectic palace with Art Nouveau elements. It was two-storey palace, rectangular in shape with an original asymmetrical gate tower with a clock. Architecture derived from the popular themes of Empire, German neo-Classical and neo-Renaissance.


Since 1953 Palace was belonging to the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation.

Near the palace you will find historical buildings from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century ground (ground floor annex, farm buildings from the years 1883-1892, barn, piggery, a smithy, a granary and a distillery).

Palace is surrounded by a landscaped park area from the second half of the nineteenth century (about 6 ha). We can find there natural monuments: oak with a circumference of 390 cm, pines circumference 230 cm and purple beech circumference 360 cm. Park is of course available to guests visiting the Palace Baborówko.

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