The greatest emotions are waiting on the XC

We invite you to check the interview with Lars Christensson, the course designer of XC CIC3*, CCI3*, CIC2*.


Equestrian Festival Baborówko: What can riders expect of the cross country all classes in Baborówko this year?


Lars Christensson: As every year, well built fences hopefully inviting and a nice flow.


EFB: You worked in Baborówko for the last three years. Does the grounds in Baborówko give you the opportunity to make new challenges for riders every time?


LC: Yes, with the big field now with permanent grass we have more possibilities. There will be some new challenges for sure...!


EFB: The CIC3* class will select the Polish Eventing Senior Champion. What will be the biggest challenge for horses and riders? What will be the most difficult for horses and riders in this competition?


LC: The new combination at the Sunken Road. The Concordia Corner and the Kuhn water are always challenging, so the the has to be switched on..!


EFB: Baborówko Equestrian Festival is the last chance for riders to get qualification to European Eventing Championships 2017. How does it affect on the cross country that you planned in Baborówko this year?


LC: It should be a course the is testing and up to standard, so who do well, will be prepared for the Europeans in Strzegom.