Vaulting is a beautiful sport and an ideal additional training for everyone starting their horse riding lessons. Its premise is to perform different gymnastic and acrobatic figures on a cantering or walking horse and keeping one’s balance and harmony with the animal’s movements.

This type of exercise is said to be crucial to achieving success in equestrian sports, as it improves one’s seat and balance.

Vaulting competitions include individual and team classes. The judges consider the level of advancement of the elements, their composition, choreography and the overall performance.

We offer group lessons for beginners and advanced athletes. There are no age restrictions- vaulting is perfect for children and adults.

Our trainer is Agnieszka Cisek – an experienced athlete in this discipline.


  • group training on a „barrell horse”: 25PLN per person
  • group training: 40PLN per person
  • individual training: 130PLN per person
  • training for two people: 70PLN per person
  • recreational voucher (1 instructor) – 4 group trainings (valid for one month): 130PLN per person
  • sport voucher (2 instructors)– 4 group trainings (valid for one month): 210PLN per person

We ask all interested to get to know the rules of our facility.

Contact the instructor

Agnieszka Janik
tel. +48 794 112 448
(Tuesday, Friday, Saturday)

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